Our Services

International Connectivity

Tamares Telecom’s network, anchored in a seamless Next-Generation-Network (NGN), goes beyond speed to provide Ultra-low Latency Service. Leveraging our strategic location, we function as a unique bridge connecting networks in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, seamlessly extending to Europe.

Our distinctive route offers diversity compared to the conventional path taken by most submarine cables through the Red Sea and Egypt to Europe. The newly established route ensures resiliency and lower latency, presenting a sought-after alternative for customers seeking a fresh connectivity approach.
Recent developments in the Middle East, particularly the Abraham Accords, have spawned new regional partnerships, allowing Tamares Telecom to expand coverage eastward, offering diverse solutions to our customers.
Integral components like Managed Wavelengths, International Private Circuits, Interconnection with Tier 1 global IP providers, and Dedicated Global Ethernet contribute to Tamares Telecom’s comprehensive offerings. Our solutions not only enable improvement but also significantly increase international traffic through the network, enhancing efficiency amidst the dynamic telecom market.
Our services include superior communication and Internet infrastructure, offering unlimited capacity and unprecedented speeds, all complying with the highest technological standards:

  • Ultra-low latency routes between Israel and major cities in Europe, America and Asia
  • Seamless connectivity to Europe and the Far East
  • Ultra-low transport backed by performance based Service Level Agreements
  • Full support – network maintenance and 24x7x365 surveillance of network segments
  • OSS (One-Stop-Shop) providing end-to-end providing end to end solutions, termination and hosting services
  • Extended territory reach to major cities and HUBs

Direct Cloud

How you connect to the cloud can make all the difference to your strategy.

Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure bring considerable benefits: redundancy, agility, cost saving and opex-based infrastructure. In many cases, migration to the cloud is in stages, and the users are filled with hesitation, due to security and unreliable Internet performance issues.
Tamares offers unrivaled ultra-fast global network reach, capacity and predictable performance, thus enabling our clients to use Cloud X of their choice to creat an enterprise data center in the cloud with a private, around-the-clock monitored connection.
Tamares Telecom is a direct connect partner of Amazon Web Services and collaborates with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Our Frankfurt and London PoPs connect with public cloud data centers and are inter-connected. This enables our offering of cross-regional cloud connectivity and a redundant IT environment designed to carrier-grade networking and security class, bringing usability and performance to a totally new level.

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Tamares Telecom operates two collocation site, one in Israel – and one in Paphos Cyprus.

Tamares Telecom operates three collocation sites, two in Israel – and one in Paphos Cyprus. The two are interconnected by Tamares North submarine fiber cable, enabling advanced site disaster recovery solutions that are located at our landing stations in Tirat Hacarmel and Beit Yahoshua. Our Data Centers are carrier neutral facilities. Each facility has multiple and diverse physical cable entry points and access to all local network providers, local ISPs and the Israeli internet exchange (IIX). Our Data Centers provide cross connect to most international carriers hosted in Med-1 Data Center, only a mile away. Our Data Centers feature TELECO and Tier 4 standards. All Data Center equipment is in accordance with the Standards Institution of Israel – IQ, NET, ISO.

Disaster Recovery

The guaranteed survivability of our clients’ services is part of our concept in your DR site in Tamares’ facilities.

We will enable you to continue to provide the core services that you offer your clients – in any scenario where the Primary system fails. Tamares’ team can provide an end-to-end solution that combines planning as well as the performance stage, including the design and construction of the DR site and the provision of connectivity solutions.