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Where Would You Like To Go?

Tamares Telecom fiber-optic network offers the fastest and most optimal route plan for the ever-increasing destinations’ connectivity demand.

Our popular routes from Israel (Tirat Hacarmel PoP) are: Frankfurt, London, New York, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Through-data traffic to New York and other North American locations are best served from London Exchange.

Coupled with a built-in element redundancy, Tamares’ network offers speed and availability.

We continuously invest efforts in maintaining and further improving our service portfolio. Having deployed the newest and most innovative network, we are proud to offer the best, resilient, durable and shortest path between Israel and Europe.

Our network includes a fiber-optic cable from Haifa-Israel to Marseille-France, without any segments overland and with a ring connection to the main worldwide web hubs: Marseille, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The four hubs offer ultra fiber optic connections to New York and all other strategic hubs around the world.

Deployment and length of connection paths

  • 3,536 km of submarine fiber-optic cable – the only one connecting Israel and Marseille
  • 4,826 km of combined submarine and terrestrial connection between Israel and Frankfurt
  • 5,057 km of combined submarine and terrestrial connection between Israel and London


Tamares Telecom CLS & Colocation



MedOne Pop



Tamares Telecom Colocation



MedOne Pop



Prime Tel Yeroskipos CLS & Colocation




40 avenue Roger Salengro
13000 Marseille


Equinix PoP

Kleyerstrasse 88-90
60326 Frankfurt am Main


6&7 Harbour PoP

Exchange Square
E14 9GE
United Kingdom


When it comes to being fast – we provide the fastest access to all major markets and always come first when benchmarked. Tamares Telecom’s fiber network provides the fastest and lowest latency connectivity from Israel to the world. Our clients experience up to 50% improvement in network round-trip delay latency savings.

Experience it yourself – take a ‘test-drive:

  • Ultra- low latency of just 37 milliseconds from Israel to Marseille and back, and 53 milliseconds from Israel to London and back.
  • We are your shortest, fastest and most reliable route from Israel to Europe, America and Asia.
  • The Asian tigers at your very own finger tips: By reaching our Cyprus Paphos PoP in a mere 4 milliseconds– you take the fastest route south to all Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai or Bangalore.

What Makes Us Stand-Out?

Tamares network offers the minimal number of route interconnect sites, enabling a significant reduction of the service latency.

Network typical latency delay (ms) between Israel and major global internet HUBs:

TLV › Marsseille › TLV
TLV › Frankfurt › TLV
TLV › London › TLV
TLV › New York › TLV
TLV › Singapore › TLV
TLV › Hong Kong › TLV
TLV › Paphos › TLV
TLV › Mumbai › TLV


Our ultrafast fiber network offers state-of-the-art technologies coupled with optimal routing engines. Tamares Telecom embraces innovation and new optimal high bandwidth utilization algorithms.

Entrepreneurship, specifically in cloud computing, requires egile networks. We welcome partnerships with both international and domestic research institutions jointly striving to examine the constantly- evolving and demanding data transport technologies.

Our advanced fiber optic integrated system combines a variety of innovative optical technologies and, in pre-approved cases, can be the test-bed for groundbreaking technologies in our field.

Tamares Telecom network enables innovative cloud-based services to utilize our advanced interfaces of up to 100 Gbps for new and exciting innovative services, as well as pre-launch service testing from Israel to Europe

Cost Benefit

At Tamares Telecom, our core belief is in creating substantial value for both our clients and partners. Leveraging Tamares’ high operational efficiency, we empower our enterprise and service provider clients across Israel, Europe, Asia, and the Americas with significant cost savings and long-term competitive prices.

For our clients in the cloud services realm—whether utilizing Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, or other private clouds—we offer a game-changing solution. By leveraging our direct and cross-connect networking services, they can not only enhance service and connectivity but also achieve remarkable cost reductions. This translates to a superior quality of service paired with the best cost/performance available in the market.

Tamares Telecom’s fiber-optic network seamlessly interconnects with the world’s largest international fiber networks. This strategic positioning allows us to provide competitive route price quotes for nearly any data capacity, facilitating seamless connectivity from any point A to B around the globe.

We take pride in offering the most competitive pricing schemes tailored for telco carriers, enterprise clients, and startups alike. Our commitment extends to providing collocation and data recovery hubs and services in all terrestrial Points of Presence (PoPs) such as Haifa, Paphos, Marseille, Paris, Frankfurt, and London. We welcome challenges from our clients, always ready to explore new destinations and cater to special requests.


At Tamares Telecom, reliability is not just a commitment; it’s a standard we consistently exceed. Our system boasts an exceptional availability rate of 99.99%, fortified by a robust full ring primary and secondary site switch architecture. For our clients and partners, we provide service level agreements grounded in our always-on 24/7/365 network operating service. Our proactive team remains vigilant, ensuring your service is consistently on track, and we provide advance notices and warnings regarding any imperfections or deviations from the highest quality of service we know you expect.

To assure you of our highest level of reliability, we offer:

  • Optimal Routing: Ensuring the most efficient routing of the submarine segment to Europe, the U.S., Asia, and Africa.
  • Security Vigilance: Comprehensive security monitoring and immediate attack alerts on all client circuits.
  • Intrinsic Equipment Reliability: Leveraging the intrinsic reliability of our transmission equipment, coupled with redundant systems.
  • Minimal Points of Failure: Designing our system with a minimal number of points of failure, enhancing overall reliability.
  • Improved SLA Parameters: Significantly improving Service Level Agreement (SLA) parameters for an enhanced client experience.
  • Advanced Management Tools: Employing advanced management, monitoring, and troubleshooting tools that enable fast and effective system control.


The Tamares Telecom system is engineered with cutting-edge submarine optical cable technology and unmatched optical amplification capabilities. It stands as a testament to our commitment to the future, incorporating advanced and thoughtfully selected components.

Key Features of the Tamares Telecom System:

  • Ultra-High Bandwidth: The system boasts a potential capacity of 42 Tbps, with a transmission capacity of 70 x 100 Gbps on each of its six fiber pairs.
  • Durable Submarine Optical Cable: Designed for longevity, the submarine optical cable has a lifespan of 25 years.
  • Integrated Optical Technologies: The system integrates three advanced technologies—EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers), RAMAN, and ROPA (Remote Optically Pumped Amplifier).
  • Versatile Client Interfaces: Offering a variety of client interfaces, ranging up to 100 Gbps, with options for WL (Wavelength) or Spectrum, catering to clients’ specific needs for capacity and granularity.
  • Redundant Submarine Routes: Built with redundancy in mind, the system includes redundant submarine routes to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Leading Telecom Vendors: Equipped with top-tier equipment and components from major telecom vendors such as Ciena, Nokia, and Infinera.
  • Support for Standard Interfaces: The system supports a variety of standard interfaces like EoS (Ethernet over Sonet) and wavelengths.
  • Redundant Equipment Architecture: Featuring a redundant equipment architecture for enhanced resiliency and the highest quality of service.
  • ITU Standards Compliance: Tamares Telecom’s system is fully compliant with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards, ensuring adherence to global telecommunications benchmarks.