When it comes to being fast – we provide the fastest access to all major markets and always come first when benchmarked. Tamares Telecom’ fiber network provides the fastest and lowest latency connectivity from Israel to the world.
Our clients experience up to 50% improvement in network round-trip delay latency savings.
Experience it yourself – take a ‘test-drive’:

  • Ultra- low latency (one way) of just 18 milliseconds from Israel to Marseille, and 26 milliseconds from Israel to London
  • We are your shortest, fastest and most reliable route from Israel to Europe, America and Asia.
  • The Asian tigers at your very own finger tips: By reaching our Cyprus Paphos PoP in a mere 2 milliseconds– you take the fastest route south to all Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai or Bangalore.

What makes us stand-out?

Tamares network offers the minimal number of route interconnect sites, enabling a significant reduction of the service latency.

Network typical  latency delay (ms) between Israel and major global internet HUBs:

A End B End One-way Latency (in ms)
Israel Marseille 18
Israel Frankfurt 24
Israel London 26
Israel New York 59
Israel Mumbai 44
Israel Singapore 76
Israel Hong Kong 84

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